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Divorce Capital of Europe

5 High Street, Flat 201, Maidenhead, England sounds like a completely unassuming address, however in two years it is unlikely 179 people lived there. What is even more unlikely that all 179 were going through a divorce. What is more likely the address in question was a Mail Boxes Etc. branch that people were using in order to get a quickie divorce. In certain places in Europe such as Italy divorcing your spouse could take nearly a decade to complete. In order to expedite the process, some couples turn to companies that set up the fake address in England and file the paperwork. Unlike other courts in Europe, the British Court work mainly off the papers and few if any court appearances need to be made. As for residency requirement, it can be fulfilled in as little as a few days.

Problem is now the British court is cracking down on this "fraudulent divorces." The divorce itself may be null. Unfortunately for some who relied on the legality of the "divorce" if they remarried, they could actually be committing bigamy!


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