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  Looking for Answers?

We understand that you may have many questions about your own unique situation.  You can call us for a confidential consulatation or e-mail us at  Either way we are here to help.


 Below are some frequently asked questions. 

How do I apply?

NDC’s one page application can be accessed directly from this website.  It asks for some standard personal and contact information, as well as permission to contact the applicant’s legal representative.  The process should not take more than a few minutes to complete and it can be e-mailed to or faxed back to us at (212) 218-9693.  

How long does the approval process take?


Every case is unique.  However, typically once the application is submitted and case information is received from your attorney, an applicant can expect a decision within 72 hours.

 Have other Divorce related questions?

Dear Abby is where you can find answers for every day questions. Miss Manners is the etiquette guru. There are magazines you can read for tips on your Wedding. Publications you can turn to for Family advice.


But where can you turn or the after your Prince turns back into a Frog? 


Nicole Noonan is a nationally recognized divorce expert that can help you along the way with your most difficult questions.

How do I qualify?


An applicant must be represented by an accredited attorney.  We do not accept applications from pro se litigants. NDC does not look to income or credit score as a basis for a decision, however, you must meet some asset based requirements.  We, with your consent, run credit reports to confirm asset representations.


We do have a minimum funding of $10,000.

 When am I required to make payments?


No repayments are required until a settlement is reached! 


In the event settlement terms involve selling assets, NDC works with the applicant to facilitate the sale of these assets and waits until these assets are disposed to receive payment.


NDC’s Asset Assessment and Sale Program “AASP” will aid in the valuation and sale of these assets and provides for a discount, in some cases, in overall funding costs when you sign up with an AASP approved vendor. If you want more information on AASP, e-mail 

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