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No Matter How Much

Is your spouse hiding assets from you? Even the super wealthy may have hidden assets or may not be completely truth when it comes to declaring next worth. A recent example of celebrities acting poorly when it comes to support is the court battle of Marc Anthony and his Ex-Wife Dayanara Torres. The former couple has two children together and divorced in 2004. Dayanra claims the children live in "poverty" while with her compared to how they live with Marc. She is requesting a support increase of $100K a month. Marc contends that it is "too difficult" for him to calculate how much he made, but is less than what his ex states. While this case seem crazy to most (both Marc and his ex live more than comfortably) on a smaller scale it is similar to what happens in court everyday. The moneyed spouse may not be paying as much as they should be or worse yet, he could be hiding assets. Marc has been ordered to submitt income numbers to the court.


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