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We recently heard about the tragic end of L'Wren Scott's life. A well know designer with a seemingly perfect life, L'Wren committed suicide. This has lead many to question what went wrong. What appears to be the most obvious answer was her business. Ms. Scott's fashion company was $6 million in debt which likely would have soon forced her to close. Now, her famous and very wealthy boyfriend, Mick Jagger had been with her longer than he had ever been married to anyone. There was speculation that the two would soon marry. However, there are also rumors that the two had recently split. Mr. Jagger's estimated net worth is $350 million. If they had been married, Ms. Scott would likely have been intilted to a portion just as his former wives were entitled, but they were not together for as long as Scott and Jagger. I did find this article which states that Mr. Jagger had bailed Ms. Scott out of financial issues before, but why not this time? If they had been married, he may not had a choice.

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