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I like your style?

Razzle Dazzle: imagine the character Billy Flynn from Chicago. Suave, debonair, impeccably dressed, and more often than not extremely expensive. Do you get what you pay for? Answer: maybe, but you won’t know until you already coughed up the money.

Pitbull: if your ex is a bully you can either kill or be killed. With the assistance of a “pitbull” you can be the aggressor in a fight, a position you may have never had in the marriage. However this tactic may draw out the fight.

Old Guard: he has been a member of the bar since inception of the association. He is the one in the firm everyone goes to, but he may not be the quickest with emails (if he even has it.)

Young and Hungry: she may be fresh out of law school but she is ready to work. She probably won’t charge that much, but she may not have sufficient courtroom experience.

Kind and Classy: he maybe just the shoulder you need to lean on during a difficult time. However, he may not be the powerhouse you need to fight for your settlement.

Whatever style you choose, a good attorney will probably be expensive. See NDC's Nicole Noonan speaking on CBS' The Couch on this issue.

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